At BUD, our team is the cornerstone of our business. With over 20 years of expertise in the construction and renovation industry, our dedicated professionals bring a wealth of experience, passion, and creativity to every project.
Originally from Ukraine, we have a strong background in construction and renovation of various projects, including office and shopping centers, residential buildings, and apartments.
Now based in the Málaga region, on the beautiful Costa del Sol, we specialize in office and residential renovations. Our commitment to excellence ensures that we deliver outstanding results, tailored to the unique needs of our clients in this stunning coastal area.

Kyrylo Kimakovych


As the visionary behind BUD Concept Spain and TAOR Capital group, Kyrylo drives investments in real estate, including hotel and medical complex developments.

Mykola Radchenko

CEO & Co-Founder

Mykola heads S.L. “Budkoncept Spain” and the charitable “Fundusz Wsparcia Ukrainy,” leveraging his expertise in construction, real estate ventures, and philanthropic endeavors.

Maryana Kasiv

Head of Public Relations

With a wealth of experience in communication and media relations, Maryana leads our public relations efforts, ensuring effective communication and strong reputation.

Denys Radchenko

Director of Procurement

Bringing over a decade of experience in construction and marketing, Denys oversees our procurement operations with precision and expertise, ensuring efficient process management.


Specializing in complex tasks, we bring modern solutions and the latest materials to the forefront. From construction to creating “Smart Homes” and installing alternative energy sources, our expertise spans all directions of work.
At BUD, we pride ourselves on utilizing new technologies and modern equipment, ensuring the highest quality execution in every project. We work with high-quality materials, and our suppliers from Poland and Ukraine will pleasantly surprise you with the prices of their products. Choose us for a transformative experience that blends creativity, innovation, and expertise.


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