Smart Home integration by BUD on Costa del Sol

Elevate Your Living Space Transform the way you live on the Costa del Sol with our comprehensive Smart Home Integration. From the ground up, we specialize in creating a connected environment that enhances your daily life.

What We Offer


Secure both residential and commercial properties with an array of smart indoor and outdoor devices and video surveillance working seamlessly to ward off potential intruders and deliver an exceptional user experience.


Experience ultimate comfort with a wide range of smart home devices, seamlessly monitoring air quality and controlling appliances and lighting within a unified and sophisticated ecosystem for an optimal user experience.


Innovative safety solutions, including a cutting-edge product line, redefine technology in fire safety and water leak protection for residential and commercial properties, featuring advanced wireless detectors

We manage everything so that you don’t have to

Our team of skilled engineers is dedicated to bringing your vision to life in the Costa del Sol region.
We handle everything – from installation to seamless integration, ensuring your smart home functions seamlessly.

Ready to embrace the future of living?

Contact us today to discuss your smart home needs. Let’s embark on a journey to enhance your Costa del Sol home with cutting-edge technology.

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